Friday, May 25, 2012

Blogcritics Review

In a BlogCritics "review" penned by Tracee Gleichner, PR Specialist at Pump Up Your Book Promotion (whose services Byington has contracted), readers learn that "even at age five Jenny Hill had learned how turning to prayer subconsciously" helped her to utilize "alter personalities" to "compartmentalize abuse at the hands of a master mind-control expert from Nazi Germany." But even with the help of prayer and twenty-two separate personalities,
blank periods resulting from the competing alters taking over her mind and body caused the confused child to lose minutes, hours, days even months of time while they experienced for her, the pain and memory of rapes, tortures and extreme stress of being forced to view a human sacrifice ceremony.
"After Heavenly intervention saved the child from certain death," readers learn, "men in hooded robes no longer contacted Jenny, but were ever-present in her nightmares."

Nor were Satanists the last of her problems: Jenny's father "continued to pursue his salacious bedroom activities"; one of Jenny's personalities suggested she take a different route on her way home, into "an alley where she was gang-raped by a dozen older boys"; after which Jenny fell into prostitution, drugs, and smoking cigarettes.

"Meanwhile," the review continues, the "core personality" of Jenny Hill--that is, the person whom the rest of the world new as Jenny Hill--
completed army medic training, was crowned a beauty queen, graduated from college, prepared for a church mission, worked as a nurse and gave birth to sons, all while Jenny was unaware of her multiple personalities and their takeovers.
With some grammatical confusion, but also free of actual psychological jargon, the review concludes that "Twenty-Two Faces is a journey into the ever-evolving human psyche from which can uncover not only long-term affects of child abuse so severe it results in multiplicity, but new insights into the mind's thinking patterns."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Video of Jenny Hill and Judy Byington

According to Jenny Hill's son, his mother has been mentally ill for as long as he can remember. After receiving the "help" of various Utah psychologists and social workers, such as Judy Byington and her collegaues, who purport to be experts in "occult crime," Jenny came to believe that she suffered brain-washing, rape, and torture, and witnessed child sacrifice, at the hands of an intergenerational global cult of Satanists. Here, alternately crying and laughing and apologizing for using the phrase "hurt like hell," Jenny Hill describes being anally raped with a foreign object (described in Byington's book as a red-hot fire poker) and then watching a child sacrifice.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Interview at “Review From Here”

Review From Here, a division of Pump Up Your Book, interviews Judy Byington.

No apparent fact-checking was employed regarding Byington's assertions that she "works as a consultant on Occult crime with the Utah Attorney General’s office"--an assertion that the Utah AG's Office has since denied. No skepticism attends Byington's claim that "Divine intervention" saved Jenny Hill from a "human sacrificial ceremony," and that Byington's book was indeed divinely pre-ordained. "As a child in prayer," Byington explains, "Jenny was told to write down her life experiences 'to help yourself and others, for some day a book will be written.'"

Readers also learn that Byington, as CEO of Provo Family Counseling Center counseled other women who, she claims, had "repressed memories" of "ritual abuse" in their childhood, including "torture and murder of children and the brainwashing techniques can traumatize a child’s developing brain and cause separation of thinking patterns," and this "mind-control" is "most often done by close relatives who, in honor of Satan, practice codes of the ancient mystery religions."

This "insidious mind-control techniques" were "culled from Nazi Germany," Byington explains, and is a daily reality for "thousands of children across the globe unfortunate enough to be born into families practicing these aberrant religious rites."

These aberrant religious rites provide the clues, Byington explains, to
esoteric secrets or “Hidden Knowledge” on inner workings of sinister cults hidden within our global society, such as their use of Secret Combinations, Backward Language Talk and the infamous Mark of Cain.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tate Publishing Press Release

"Utah Woman Escapes Human Sacrifice" headlines the press release for Judy Byington's alleged nonfiction book, Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities.

Provided by Tate Publishing's Terry Cordingley (phone: (888) 361-9473 email: the rest of the release continues in no less sensational a fashion. Readers are to believe that Jenny Hill was ritually sexually abused as a child
by a group of black hooded-robed men in painted white faces directed by a Nazi master mind-control programmer known as Dr. Greenbaum. According to Colin A. Ross, M.D., author of the “Twenty-two Faces” Foreword and 17 books on multiplicity or dissociation, clients from different areas of the country have purported this “Dr. Green” was a Jewish turncoat who worked under tutelage of Nazi doctors experimenting on children in concentration camps. Greenbaum was believed brought into the U.S. after World War II....
Readers are also to believe that Byington has, since 2006, "acted as a consultant on satanic crime for the Utah Attorney General’s office of Special Investigations" -- a claim that the Utah AG's office has flatly denied.

The press release also notes the involvement of Weston Whatcott, who in addition to founding West-Sands Adoptions decades ago, was first to treat Jenny Hill back in 1984, at the Utah State Psychiatric Hospital, where Westcott promptly determined 
Jenny’s multiplicity was a result of childhood trauma: repeated sexual assaults coupled with ritual abuse. Her background as so eloquently portrayed in ‘Twenty-Two Faces’ is congruent with what I observed at the hospital including narrative of her alters personalities [sic].
Most disturbing is Byington and Tate Publishing's claim that Jenny Hill witnessed the ritual sacrifice of a six-year-old who has been "identified" as Kathleen Shea. The young girl’s unsolved disappearance from Tyrone, Pennsylvania, in 1965, remains a source of grief to her surviving relatives, and Shea's alleged "identification" by one of the multiple personalities of Jenny Hill is of no use to law enforcement, to say nothing of Shea's family.