Excerpts from Twenty-Two Faces

They tied me to a large cross in the garage.... put some blood on the cross and made the blood go down my right leg and my left leg. It dripped to my feet that were spread apart on a platform. Then they took pictures....

There were a lot of them. They tied me to the bed and put their things inside me, both in my poop hole and in my other hole and taught me how to suck. Kept coming, one right after another…

-- Child “alter personality” of Jenny Hill, Judy Byington’s client and the subject of Twenty-Two Faces (Tate Publishing)


I froze and wanted to throw up, but peed the bottom of my cage. The pee was warm trickling down my legs, but soon felt freezing cold. …

Our arms were tied to the table and legs spread apart. The High Priest smeared blood on the palms and backs of our hands and the same with our feet. The High Priest painted a four-inch cross over my heart. I had blood all over my face and body. They made me drink blood from the silver cup….

They untied and turned me around, putting my bottom in the air. The smells made me throw up, which they made me eat.

What happened next with a scorching poker was never recorded, but her convulsions seemed to last a lifetime…
They made me drink my vomit. One man from each group heated a poker in the fire and opened my bottom with tiny prongs and stuck it in deep. They did the same to the other girl and she was screaming. Everyone was looking at her….

Too frightened to blink. Jenny stared at Father's headboard as he reached past his Old Spice cologne for the Vaseline bottle with a stork on it, Don't think I’ll like what he'll do. [Jenny’s] chest heaved up and down, breathing again, in excruciating discomfort.... "Father" tried to clean up with tissues, and then pulled the purple-pansy pajamas up her quaking legs... while Jenny thought from the back of the mind, My new jammies don't feel fresh no more. 

On cue the juveniles formed a gauntlet, five on each side. The scene excited the alter, while Jenny's fears shifted into overdrive. The alley grew shorter, dimmer....

They took me to the green house next to the alley and tied me to a bed with a rope. It hurt. They forgot to take my top off. They pulled it up and took off my pants and they gang raped me.

Then somebody's mom was going to come so they all did it to me fast and untied me. My body and mind was numb.

I put my clothes on as fast as I could and ran and stood and stared at the house for along time. Lots of things gushed out of my pants….
Jenny came to in her bedroom with a massive swelling in her vagina, wrists ringed red in ugly abrasions, a bottom that seemed to throb, bad, though she couldn't quite feel it and a cloth diaper folded into her underpants....
Those teenagers raped my ass. They turned me over and used vaseline and ripped Jenny....  

Racking spasms brought Jenny back to consciousness. The IV dripping medicine into her arm was precipitating premature delivery of her babies….
After an eternal wait a nurse brought in two large glass jars, each containing a brown-skinned infant about twelve inches long, floating in pale liquid….