Sunday, December 8, 2013

Judy Byington and Child Sexual Abuse Narraphilia

Child Sexual Abuse Narrative Paraphilia —more commonly called CSA Narraphilia (CSAN) — refers to the act of deriving pleasure from authoring or hearing or reading or sharing narratives of child sexual abuse.

CSA Narraphilia may take may take as many forms as Child Sexual Abuse itself. CSA Mythomania (CSAM) is a form of CSA Narraphilia which refers to the act of deriving pleasure specifically from creating—i.e. authoring—fictional narratives of child sexual abuse, and presenting them as factual....

Motives for crafting and sharing fictional narratives of child sexual abuse include, of course, reaping the financial rewards of catering to the child-porn audience while publishing a "purely" textual, and thus ostensibly legal, form of child porn.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Excerpts from Twenty-Two Faces

They untied and turned me around, putting my bottom in the air. The smells made me throw up, which they made me eat.... One man from each group heated a poker in the fire and opened my bottom with tiny prongs and stuck it in deep. They did the same to the other girl and she was screaming....
-- Child “alter personality” of Jenny Hill, Judy Byington’s client and the subject of Twenty-Two Faces (Tate Publishing)

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Jenny Hill's son speaks out about Judy Byington

Jenny Hill's son, videographer Rob Steffen, has created a website where Jenny Hill's family can speak out about "falsehoods, distortions and misrepresentations" in Judy Byington's Twenty-Two Faces, and where Steffen can address the "deeply ambiguous emotional and moral situations that can be created by the intersection of abuse, claims of abuse, and mental illness."

Following Byington's and Hill's appearance on Dr. Phil, writes Steffen, 
Judy has been informed by the authorities that any further harassing contact between her and my mom will be grounds for Criminal Harassment charges, and a restraining order. Judy and my mom haven’t spoken in months, and Judy’s hold over my mom seems to be broken. After the show, local law enforcement, Adult Protective Services, and the State Licensing board were contacted anonymously (and not by me), and each initiated an investigation. One of the revelations of these investigations has been my Mom’s assertion that Judy withheld her medication during the weekend they were out there for taping the DP show. Given my mom’s mental health status, this would constitute a felony in Utah, as withholding medication from someone in need is an egregious form of abuse.
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