Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review at Backward Messages

At Backward Messages, Beth Winegarner (author of The Columbine Effect) reviews Twenty-Two Faces, cautioning readers: "Just when you thought we were safe from the 'Satanic ritual abuse' moral panic," Judy Byington "resurrects the disproven ideas of multiple personality disorder and Satanic ritual abuse ... a syndrome many believe is actually the result of brainwashing by therapists."

According to Byington, “Satanic mind control programming" created 22 personalities in Jenny Hill. "Well," sighs Messages, "at least [Byington]’s right about the 'mind control' part." [1]
Many believe that these false memories are ... exploited by therapists, who claim it will take many years of treatment for people to heal — thus ensuring a steady, paying client base for the therapist.
Messages also notes that Byington is the founder of the "Trauma Research Center" (which appears to exist as a website only).
There, she sells copies of her books and offers for-pay “webinars” on dissociative identity disorder/multiple personality disorder and other topics..... According to a guest post over on She Writes, she has another book on the way, Saints, Sinners and Satan, “a first person account of her own experiences with multiple personality survivors and Occult crime.”
Messages is careful to point out the offense Byington gives actual sexual assault victims and the mentally ill. "We do need outlets for legitimate sufferers of trauma," writes Messages. Byington instead offers up a mix of the exploitative, the prurient, and the ridiculous.
But does Byington think she can really sell this idea in 2012, when most people are pretty skeptical of Satanic-abuse claims — and with good reason? Is society tipping back to a place of superstition and fear?

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[1] "Retired therapist invents 22 ways to make money, and all of them involve 'Satanic ritual abuse.'" Backward Messages. 30 July 2012. http://backwardmessages.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/retired-therapist-invents-22-ways-to-make-money-and-all-of-them-involve-satanic-ritual-abuse/