Wednesday, August 8, 2012

KCPW Radio Interview

KCPW Radio in Utah interviews Judy Byington, who states that all abused children disassociate, and that repressed memories -- a term Byington confuses with decades-long amnesia -- are a "common" reaction to trauma.

Other exchanges include
Interviewer: How is Dissociative Disorder distinguished from other mental issues, like schizophrenia? I mean, they seem closely related, but they are different.

Byington: Dissociation is environmentally caused, where the others may be a chemical imbalance in the system, and have -- whatever -- to do with that. But dissociation, and like I say, multiple personality disorder, is always caused by child abuse. And children are the only ones that develop multiple personalities.
Interestingly, later in the interview Byington discloses that she "just did a therapy session with Jenny [Hill] last week," although the "retired" private therapist has elsewhere stated that Jenny Hill was "never" her client--apparently to avoid any ethical and legal issues that might arise from claiming to own the rights to the life story of her mentally ill client, who is visibly unfit to sign away such rights. [See video of Jenny Hill and Judy Byington.]

 Wrote Byington in a heated retort to her critics at Amazon, on Jan 13, 2013, edited Jan 24, 2013 9:53:34 AM PST:
I am not, nor have I ever been, Jenny's therapist. I am a retired therapist, supervisor of mental health and CEO of Family Counseling Center and presently CEO of the Trauma Research Center. Jenny and my relationship over the last 20 years has been as her biographer, close friend and confident.
It would appear that Byington also forgot that she refers to herself in Twenty-Two Faces as "friend and sometimes-therapist" to Jenny Hill.