Sunday, December 8, 2013

Judy Byington and Child Sexual Abuse Narraphilia

Child Sexual Abuse Narrative Paraphilia —more commonly called CSA Narraphilia (CSAN) — refers to the act of deriving pleasure from authoring or hearing or reading or sharing narratives of child sexual abuse.

CSA Narraphilia may take may take as many forms as Child Sexual Abuse itself. CSA Mythomania (CSAM) is a form of CSA Narraphilia which refers to the act of deriving pleasure specifically from creating—i.e. authoring—fictional narratives of child sexual abuse, and presenting them as factual....

Motives for crafting and sharing fictional narratives of child sexual abuse include, of course, reaping the financial rewards of catering to the child-porn audience while publishing a "purely" textual, and thus ostensibly legal, form of child porn.

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